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Rambus Inc.

RAMix Inc
{Acquired by GE Fanuc Automation}



Ranoda Electronics

RARA Electronics Corp.

Raster Graphics Inc. Acquired by Peritek in 2001

Raveon Technologies

Raychem Circuit Protection. Acquired by Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Rayovac Corp.


Raytheon Electronics Semiconductor. Acquired by Tyco Electronics in 1999

Raytheon RF Components (RRFC)

Raza Microelectronics, Inc. 'RMI', now part of NetLogic Microsystems

RCD Components

RDC Semiconductor Co., Ltd 'RDC'

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Recom International Power


Redpoint Thermalloy. Purchased by AaVID in 1999

Red Rock Technologies Inc.

RedSwitch, Now part of Agilent

Redux Communications, Merged with Lycium Networks

Regal Electronics Inc.

Reich Associates Inc.

Reining International, Ltd. Acquired by ZMD America Inc

RelComm Technologies Inc.

Reliability Inc

Reliance Electric Motors. see Binkelman Corp.

REMEC was Acquired by Powerwave Technologies, Inc.

This company listing does not include engineering consultants, equipment dealers or manufacturers reps. The list also does not include any wholesaler or suppliers, only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturers] are listed. If your locate a Distributor use this page; Component Distributor page.
If your trying to locate data sheets you will need to look up the manufacturer responsible for producing the component using the alpha navigation links at the top of each page.
There is also no listing of companies by area or location, the listing is in alphabetic order by the companies first name from companies all over the world.

PC motherboard

Distributor rolodex Electronic Components Electronic Equipment EDA CDROM Software Engineering Standards, BOB card Cabled Computer Bus Electronic Engineering Design Table Conversion DB9-to-DB25.
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