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Renaissance Electronics Corp.

Renata S.A.

Rendition was acquired by Micron Technology Inc.

Renesas Technology Corp

RFI Corporation

RF Industries

RF Micro Devices Inc. "RFMD"

RF Monolithics

RF Power Components Inc. was acquired by Anaren, Inc

RF Prime Corp. refer to Premier Devices, Inc.

RF Techniques Inc.

RGB Spectrum

R.G.D. Electronics

Rhombus Industries Inc.


RIA Electronics Inc. is now called RIA CONNECT Inc.

Richardson Electronics Inc


Richey Capacitor Inc.

Ricoh Electronic Devices

Richtek Technology Corp.


Rise Technology Company


RO Associates; now Astrodyne Corporation

Robinson Nugent is now with 3M

Robison Electronics Inc. was acquired by Cornucopia Tool & Plastics, Inc.

Rochester Electronics

Roederstein is now part of Vishay

RocketChips was purchased by Xilinx

Rockwell Semiconductor Systems group spun off into Conexant 1998

Rohm Corp.

Rose-Bopla Enclosures

RS Microwave

Rubycon Corp.

PC motherboard

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