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NIC Components


Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd. 'NDK'

Nihon Inter Electronics Corp

Nirvis Systems Inc; Their Products were discontinued.

Nissei-Arcotronics now part of Kemet.

NJR Corporation

NKK Switches

NKT Integration A/S: IONAS A/S merged with Cisilias to form NKT Integration A/S which is now Acquired by Ignis.



Nogatech Inc. was purchased by Zoran in 2000.

Nordic VLSI ASA, Now Nordic Semiconductor.

Nordic Semiconductor

Noritake Co. Inc.

Nortel Networks Limited

North American Capacitor Company change to Mallory and now Vishay.

Northern Technologies Corp. 'NTC'


NovaSensor, refer to the listing of GE Industrial Systems.

NTE Electronics Inc.

NTT Electronics Corp.

Numonyx opened in 2008 and purchased by Micron in 2010

Nuvotem Talema

NVG Inc.



Nytronic Inductors was purchased by Vishay in 1990.

As a rule only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed, while value added sites are not. This is a listing of companies in the US, in addition to American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are also included.

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