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These are component manufacturers, no value-added companies are listed. A text entry indicates that the site no longer responds or another company has purchased the vendor, in which case that company may be listed as well.

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Momentum Computer, see Mercury Computer.

Monitor Products Co. Inc.; was acquired by MMD Components.

Morphics Technology, Inc. was acquired by Infineon in 2003.

Mosaid Semiconductor

MosChip Semiconductor

Mosel Vitelic

MOSPEC Semiconductor

MoSys; not responding, site could be down.

Motorola's Embedded Communications Computing group; Now a business of Emerson Network Power.

MoxiE Inductor Corporation

Mpulse Microwave

MSK 'M.S. Kennedy Corporation'

M-Systems; was acquired by ScanDisk in 2006.

MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc.

M-tron, is now called MtronPTI.


Multi-Contact USA

Mupac Electronic Packaging, Acquired by 'Carlo Gavazzi' which was then purchased by S.I.E. (Systems Industrie Electronics) AG in 2009.

Murata Electronics

Music Semiconductor

MusicTele.com, moved to Ai-Logix Inc., now AudioCodes Ltd.

MX-Com Inc.; Now called CML Microcircuits.

Mykotronx is a subsidiary of SafeNet Inc.

Myson Technology Inc.

Mysticom Ltd. was acquired by TranSwitch.

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Any company site which has gone bad is listed here with it's URL and new address if available. The obsolete reference is removed from all other pages.
Only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed, value added sites are not. A listing of companies in the US, American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers and Asian Manufacturers.

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