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Micro Electronics Corporation 'MEC'

Microelectronics Modules Corp. 'MMC' was acquired by Bourns.

Micro Lamps Inc. has been purchased by Wamco in 2009.

Micro Linear; Now part of Sirenza Microdevices.

Microlux Corp.

Micro Memory Inc.; Acquired by Curtiss Wright.

MicroMetrics. Acquisition of MicroMetrics by Aeroflex in 2007.

Micromint Inc.

Micro Mobio Corporation


Micron Technology, Inc

Micronetics Wireless, Inc.

Micro networks Corp. changed to IDT and now points to Spectrum Microwave

Micro-Ohm Corporation

Micropac Industries Inc.

Microphase Corp.

Micro Plastics Inc., see Sullins Connector Solutions.


MicroSim Corp. was sold to ORCAD.

Microwave Components Laboratories Inc. 'MCLI'

Microwave Dynamics

Microwave Filter Co.

Microwave Power Inc.

Microwave Solutions Inc.

MicroWave Technology was acquired by IXYS Corp.

The companies in text have been sold, merged, gone out of business or acquired by another manufacturer. If known the transfer date or purchase date is provided, otherwise just the new company or division is shown. If no date is given than no other information is known about the out come of the company or who acquired it.

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