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Editor note; This list once carried both equipment and component manufacturers, but the equipment manufacturers are being removed. However the notations about a company being acquired by another remain, regardless or the company only producing electronic equipment.


Intellon Corporation was purchased by Atheros in 2009.

Interconnect Devices Inc. 'IDI'

Interface Concept was purchased by kontron, acquisition date is unknown.

International Crystal Mfg. Co. Inc. 'ICM'

International Manufacturing Services 'ims'

International Microcircuits Inc. 'IMI', see Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.

International Power Sources Inc., refer to XpiQ Inc.

International Rectifier

International Resistive Co. 'IRC'

International Semiconductor.

International Semiconductor Technologies

Interpoint Corp, is now with Crane Aerospace & Electronics.


Intronics Inc.

Intronic Semiconductor Inc.

Invensys Company, refer to Powerware.


io Tech, see Measurement Computing Corporation.

IronWood Electronics

ISD 'Information Storage Devices Inc.', was merged with Winbond Electronics Corporation.




ITC 'Infinite Technology Corp.'

ITE Tech

ITRAN Communications Ltd. changed its name to Yitran Communications Ltd. in 2004.

ITT Canon

ITT GTC, first with M/A-COM but now Tyco.

ITT Intermetall, Acquired by Micronas Semiconductor in 1997.

ITW Paktron


In some cases I was not able to determine the fate of a company. If the company has no link and no follow-on company, than I was unable to figure out what happened. The manufacturer was either purchased, went bankrupt or absorbed back into its parent company. Normally if the company was small, relatively unknown or had a company name that was also a common word, than it gets a bit hard to locate their outcome. Yo will also note that in a few cases a company may change hands several times, but in most cases only the first name change is listed.

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