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Inductive Systems Europe

Inductor Supply Inc. 'ISI'

ines-Innovative Electronic Systems

Infineon Technologies

Infinite Technology Corp. 'ITC'.

Information Storage Devices 'ISD'. Acquired by Winbond in 1998.

Ingenic Semiconductor Co.,Ltd

Ingot Systems Inc was Acquired by Virage Logic Corporation in 2007.

Inicore Inc.

initio Corp.

Inmet Corp., see Aeroflex.

Inmos was Sold to SGS-Thomson in 1989 and folded into STMicroelectronics in 1994.

An alphabetic company listing of Electronic manufacturer sites listed on this site. Search for a company by product function, using the links below.
Any company site which has gone bad is listed here with the original URL and a new address if available. The old reference is removed from all other pages.
Only OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer Electronic manufacturers are listed, value added sites are not. A listing of companies in the US, American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are included.

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