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HiBand Semiconductors is Now part of Cypress.

Hifn see Exar.

Highly Electric Co. Inc.

HighPoint Technologies, Inc.

Hill Engineering, Comtech PST corp.

HiNT Corp was Acquired by PLX Technology in 2003.

Hirose Electronic

Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc.

Hitano Enterprise Corp.

Hittite Microwave Corp.

Hobart Electronics

Hoffman Engineering; See Pentair.

Holt Integrated Circuits Inc.

Holtek Semiconductor Inc.


HotRail the product Lines were sold to Conexant.

HP see Hewlett-Packard.

HSU Electronic Components


Huettinger Electronics; now Trumpf Gruppe.

Humirel, see Measurement Specialties.

Hunt Engineering

Hunter Technology Corp.

HV Component Associates (HVCA), now Part of Dean Technology Inc.

Hybricon Corp. has been acquired by Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems in 2010.

Hynix Semiconductor America Inc.

Hypertronics Corp.

Hyundai Electronics America Corp. is now called Hynix Semiconductor America Inc.

This is an alphabetic company listing of most of the Electronic manufacturers listed on this engineering site. You can also search for a company by product function, using the links at the top right of the page. Or you can use the Home page to search by product function using the Icon 'Tree'.
There are a few companies listed here which are not listed on any of the other pages. Also; any company site which has failed, been sold or acquired by another company is listed here with a new address or link if it's available. The old [obsolete] reference of a site is removed from all other pages of the site.

As a rule only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed, while value added sites are not. This is a listing of companies in the US, in addition to American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are also included.
This company listing does not include engineering consultants, equipment dealers, value added vendors, VARs, resellers, system integrators, retailers, e-tailers, manufacturers reps or wholesaler.

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