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This index now only covers electronic components, equipment companies are being removed and may only show if they have been purchased and no longer exist as a separate company.

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GEC Plessey was sold to Mitel.

General Cable

General Electronic Devices 'GED'

General Instrument, becomes part of Motorola, Inc. in 2000.

General Micro Systems.

General Semiconductor: Acquired by Vishay in 2001.

Genesis Microchip Inc.: Acquired by STMicroelectronics in 2008. As of 2011 the old address now points to Faroudja.

Genesys logic company.

Gennum Corp.

Germanium Power Devices 'GPD'

GHz Technology: Acquired by Advanced Power Technology 'APT' in 2002.

GiGA ApS was acquired by Intel.

GigOptix, Inc.

Gilway Technical Lamp; refer to International Light Technologies Inc

The company listing shown may or may not be the last to be in possession of that brand, company names and ownership change all the time.

This is an alphabetic company listing of most of the Electronic manufacturer links listed on this web site. You can also search for a company by product function by using the icon below.
Any company site gone bad is listed here [with the original URL] and a new address or link. The old reference of a site is removed from all other pages.
As a rule only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed, while value added sites are not.

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