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CMD Technology, Inc. was Acquired by Silicon Image Inc. in 2001.

C-MEDIA Electronics Inc.

CML Innovative Technologies

CML Microcircuits

CMP Enclosures

Coaxial Components Corp.

Cofan USA

Coherent Inc.


Coiltronics; Purchased by Cooper Electronics Technologies in 1997.

Colby Instruments Inc.

Cole Hersee Co.

Coleman Cable

Collmer Semiconductor was Acquired by Fuji Electric Co. in 2001.

Cologne Chip

Comair Rotron

Comatlas was Acquired by Philips Semiconductors in 1999.

Comcore Semiconductor was Sold to National Semiconductor in 1998.

Comlinear Corp. was Sold to National Semiconductor in 1995.

Commetrex Corp.


Communication Techniques Inc. Herley Industries, Inc. Acquires Communication Techniques.

Compaq was Acquired by HP in 2001.

Compensated Devices Inc. "CDI" was Sold to Microsemi Corp. in 2001.

Components Corp.

Component General Inc.

Comport Data Inc.

Composite Motors

Computer Boards is Now Measurement Computing.

Computer Dynamics Inc.

Computer Modules Inc; See DVEO

Computer Optical Products, Inc.

Comtrol Corporation

An alphabetic company listing of Electronic manufacturer sites listed on this site. Use the links below to search for a company by product function.
Any company site which has gone bad is listed here [with the original URL] with a new link if available. The old [obsolete] reference of a site is removed from all other pages.
Only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed, value added sites are not. A listing of companies in the US, in addition to American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are included.
Can't find a manufacturer, try using the Google search bar above. The company may be listed on one of the product pages.

In many cases a date is provided indicating when a company was acquired or when out of business.

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