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C-Cam technologies; see Vector International bvba.

C-Cube Microsystems, now with LSI Logic.


CCI Circuit Components Inc

CDI 'Compensated Devices inc.'; Now Microsemi Corp.

Celduc Group

Celeritek; Now Mimix Broadband, Inc.

CENiX was acquired by CyOptics Inc.

Centaur Technology

Centennial, refer to SMART Modular Technologies.

Centillium Communications, Inc was purchased by TranSwitch Corporation in 2008.

Centon Electronics

Central Semiconductor Corp.

Centro Vision Inc. see OSI Optoelectronics.

Centurion International Inc. is now Laird Technologies.

Ceramate Technology Co. Ltd

Cera-Mite Corp., Now part of Vishay.

Cermetek Microelectronics Inc.

Champion Microelectronic Corp

Champlain Cable

Chelsio Communications

Cherry Corp.

Cherry Semiconductor was sold to ON Semiconductor in 2000.

This listing does not include engineering consultants, equipment dealers or company reps. The list also does not include any wholesaler or suppliers, only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturers] are listed. If your looking for a Distributor use this page; Component Distributors.
If your trying to locate data sheets you will need to look up the component manufacturer responsible for producing the component using the alpha navigation links at the top of each page.
This is also not a listing of companies by area or location, the listing is in alphabetic order by the companies first name.

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