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Blaze Network Products was Acquired by Aduro in 2004

Bliley Electric Co.

Blockmaster Electronics Inc.

Blue Wave Systems merged with Motorola Computer Group

Boca was sold to Zoom Telephonics, Inc. in 2000

Bodine Electric Company

Boldt Metronics International, "BMI": Laird Technologies acquires BMI Inc. in 2002.

Bomar Crystal Company

Bomar Interconnect Products Inc.

Bookham Technology is now called Oclaro after Boolham merged with Avanex Corp. in 2009.


Bourns Inc.

BP Microsystems

Breed Electronics see Hamlin Electronics Europe Limited

Brilliance Semiconductor, Inc. "BSI"

An alphabetic company listing of the Electronic manufacturer sites listed on this site. Search for a company by product function, using the icons below.
There are a few companies listed here which are not listed on any of the other pages. A company site which has gone bad is listed here [with the original URL] and a new link if available. The obsolete reference of a company is removed from all other pages of the site. Only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed, value added sites are not.

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