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Broadband Communications Products Inc. was Acquired by Uniphase in 1999.

Broadcom Corp.


BrookTree was sold to Conexant in 1996.

Buckeye ShapeForm

Bud Industries

Bulgin Components PLC

Burr Brown; Merged with TI in 2000.

Bussmann; see Cooper Bussman

Butterfly DSP: Acquired by Sharp Microelectronics in 1997.

This company locator listing does not include engineering consultants, equipment dealers or company reps. The list also does not include any wholesaler or suppliers, only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturers] are listed. If your looking for a Distributor use this page; Component Distributor page.
If your trying to locate data sheets you will need to look up the component manufacturer responsible for producing the component using the alpha navigation links at the top of each page.
This is also not a listing of companies by area or location, the listing is in alphabetic order by the companies first name.
This section of the site is also not a product locator, use the icons at the bottom of the page to locate a product by function.

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