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MOST bus Description

MOST bus: [Media Oriented Systems Transport],defines a multimedia fiber-optic (low overhead, low cost) point-to-point network implemented in a ring, star or daisy-chain topology over Plastic optical fibers [POF]. The MOST bus specifications define the Physical [Electrical and Optical parameters] Layer as well as the Application Layer, Network Layer, and Medium Access Control.
The MOST bus provides an optical solution for automotive media [entertainment] networks [Video, CD..].

MOST Bus Physical Device

The MOST bus is optical between the EOC [Electrical Optical Converter] and OEC [Optical Electrical Converter], which would translate into the MOST bus [Optical] cable. However before [or after] the optical transceiver the data is defined to be TTL.
Both the EOC/OEC and the Interface Network Controller [the digital portion] reside within a MOST Device [see the figure].

To date I do not have much information on the MOST interface.
But the real point is to provide some data so an engineer can determine what this bus is and if it could serve a purpose or not.
In a Vehicle weight is very important, so a fiber interface is a much better option over using copper wire which weighs more.

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