Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment

This page provides a summary of MIL-STD-462.
The current version of MIL-STD-462 is revision D, produced in 1993.

Mil-STD-462 establishes general testing techniques for use in the measurement and determination of the electromagnetic emission and
susceptibility characteristics of electronic, electrical, and electromechanical equipment and subsystems.
Test method are identified by a two letter combination followed by a three digit number [for reference].
CE---, Conducted Emissions
RE---, Radiated Emissions
CS---, Conducted Susceptibility
RS---, Radiated Susceptibility
Testing is performed in a shielded enclosures large enough to hold the EUT, antennas and test equipment.
Radio Frequency (RF) absorber material shall be used when performing electric field radiated emissions or
radiated susceptibility testing to reduce reflections of electromagnetic energy and to improve accuracy and repeatability.
The RF absorber shall be placed above, behind, and on both sides of the EUT, and behind the radiating or receiving antenna.

Acronyms used in the standard
a. BIT - Built-in Test
b. EMI - Electromagnetic Interference
c. EMITP - Electromagnetic Interference Test Procedures
d. EMITR - Electromagnetic Interference Test Report
e. ERP - Effective Radiated Power
f. EUT - Equipment Under Test
g. LISN - Line Impedance Stabilization Network
h. RF - Radio Frequency
i. RMS - Root Mean Square
j. TEM - Transverse Electromagnetic
k. TPD - Terminal Protection Device

Measurement tolerances
a. Distance: ±5%
b. Frequency: ±2%
c. Amplitude, measurement receiver: ±2 dB
d. Amplitude, measurement system (includes measurement
receivers, transducers, cables, and so forth): ±3 dB
e. Time (waveforms): ±5%

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