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Low inductance Capacitors take a number of forms. This pages deals with changing the aspect ratio of the chip, or the placement of the component leads.
Low inductance Chip Capacitors place their leads [terminals] on the short end of the body, while normal chip capacitors have their leads on the long end of the device.

In general, low inductance capacitors take-up about the same area as non low inductance capacitors, but move the leads, or CCA connection points.
The new body styles comes with different names or foot-prints. A 1206 chip capacitor becomes a 0612 style capacitor as the leads move from length-wise to width-wise.
An 0805 capacitor is called an 0508 in the low inductance form factor. The 0603 Chip Cap is now called an 0306 in the low inductance form factor.
The leads move from left-to-right to top-to-bottom.

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Design note: It's very important to keep the inductance of a capacitor to the lowest value possible.
The higher the inductance, the longer it takes for the capacitor to charge or discharge. Charging time may not always be that important; but,
Capacitor discharge time for a device used as a by-pass capacitor is extremely important, increased inductance slows the discharge time.

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Why do I need a Low Inductive Capacitor; Because the inductance slows the rate of change of the current out of the capacitor.
The same reason why a by-pass capacitor should be placed near an IC, because the trace inductance adds to the charging delay.

Design Hints; Always use a surface mount capacitor [SMD] if possible.
The SMD capacitor will always have a Lower Inductance than a through hole part.
The Chip size or Mechanical Dimensions will also be smaller than a thru-hole component.

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