XOR Gate logic symbols

Digital Logic Information

Glue Logic Families

Glue Logic Family Listing
{name definitions for different logic [TTL, CMOS, and ECL] families}

How do I know which Glue Logic family to use
{Descriptions of switching speeds and switching level for each of the Glue Logic Families. Also indicates Noise Margins and Fan Outs.}

Integrated Circuit Company Prefix Listing
{Company Part Number [Letter] prefix to manufacturers translation}

IC Voltage Switching Levels

Logic Voltage Threshold Chart
{TTL / CMOS Logic [transition] Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels chart}

Low Voltage Logic Threshold Chart
{Low Voltage TTL / CMOS [transition] Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels chart}

Interface Logic Voltage Threshold Chart
{RS232 / RS422 Logic [transition] Input and Output [I/O] logic switching levels chart}

Voltage Translation between Logic Families
{Voltage Translation between Glue Logic families; TTL / CMOS / ECL}

Glue Logic Family Characteristics

IC Speed vs. Power Chart
{TTL / CMOS Glue Logic Family Chart comparing switching speed and power dissipation}

Device Slew Rate
{Description of rate of change on device output, and slow rise times}

Logic Family Noise Margin
{A table of the different for different Noise Margins for each logic type}

Glue Logic IC Propagation Delay
{IC Propagation Delay definition, and how to avoid a logic issue}

Glue Logic Design Methods

PWB Trace Termination Schemes
{Resistor (Bus) Trace Termination methods. How To Terminate Traces}

Glue Logic IC Resistor Pull-Up values
{Determine how to calculate resistor pull-up values for inputs or outputs}

How do I figure timing for Glue Logic
{The basics in determining digital Logic Timing.}

Integrated Circuit Company Prefix Listing
{Company Part Number [Letter] prefix to manufacturers translation}

Logic Family Prefix Listing
{Part Number prefix to IC Operational Temperature Range}

IC Package Type Definitions {Through Hole and Surface Mount packages}
... Through hole IC Packages
... Surface Mount IC Packages
... Transistor Packages [thru-hole and SMD types]
... Diode Packages [thru-hole and SMD types]

VHDL Code Examples
{1 Mux, 1 Adder, 1 State Machine (small), 7 Flip Flop examples}

Ground and Power Planes {Design Links / information}

Glue Logic Heat Issues

Derating Electronic Components Description
{How to De-Rate based on Temperature Rise}

AWG Copper Cable Sizes
{Table of AWG cable size vs. resistance, weight, current, Ampacity..}

AWG Aluminum Cable Sizes
{Table of Aluminum wire size vs. resistance, weight, current, Ampacity}

Heat Transfer
{Thermal Links, Thermal Conductivity Table}

Military Standards

Systems Data - Military Specifications page

MIL-PRF-38535E - General Specification for Integrated Circuits (Microcircuits) Manufacturing
MIL-STD-883 - Test Method Standard, Microcircuits
MIL-M-38510J - General Specification for Microcircuits
MIL-STD-1835C - Electronic Component Case Outlines
MIL-M-55565C - Microcircuits, Packaging of
MIL-STD-1285C - Marking of Electrical and Electronic Parts
MIL-M-63530 - Microcircuit Digital, CMOS, (Logic)
MIL-HDBK-279 - Total-Dose Hardness Assurance Guidelines for Semiconductor Devices and Microcircuits
MIL-HDBK-5561A - List of Standard Semiconductor Devices
DOE-HDBK-1011/1-92 - Electrical Science, Vol. 1; DOE Fundamentals Handbook
DOE-HDBK-1011/2-92 - Electrical Science, Vol. 2; DOE Fundamentals Handbook
DOE-HDBK-1011/3-92 - Electrical Science, Vol. 3; DOE Fundamentals Handbook
DOE-HDBK-1011/4-92 - Electrical Science, Vol. 4; DOE Fundamentals Handbook

Other Design Data

D/A LSB Values
{Reference table for 2n states and LSB values}

Modem Design Information
{Modem Specifications, V.* Specs, IC Manufacturers, Connector Manufacturers ...}

How To Specify an Equipment Chassis
{Required components needed for a Chassis design}

Internal IC Schematics

VHDL Coding Information

VHDL Pitfalls

Electronic/Engineering Dictionaries/Acronyms
{Encoding Definitions, Capacitor Dictionary, Radar Dictionary, Electronic Acronyms}
.... Antenna Dictionary
.... Capacitor Dictionary
.... Resistor Dictionary
.... Encoding Dictionary
.... Electronic Glossary
.... Electronic Dictionary
.... Acronyms

Wire Insulation Color Codes
{Color coding of wire insulation based on application or applied voltage}

TO-236AA Package Drawing

16 Pin DIL or DIP package

3 Terminal TO-92 Package BC558

PC motherboard

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