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{LED Light Pipes, single element or array}

A light pipe may be flexible or rigid, straight or right angle.

A Light Pipe is a cylindrical tube or fiber used to pass light from one location to another [an optical conduit]. The size of the tube or light pipe is designed to mate with a particular LED size or style. So be sure to specify the correct light-pipe with the correct LED. The most common application involves a plastic right angle tube that transmits light from a PWB mounted LED out to a front panel. A light pipe may be a single tube or an array of pipes in a single assembly [used with an array of LEDs]. Light pipes can also provide ESD protection by isolating the front panel from the circuitry on the Printed Wiring Board.

Some light pipes may have shields between the different pipes within an array, so one pipe does not effect the tube next to it [for example if one light tube is carrying one color light and the adjacent tube has another color].

A light pipe could be a one-piece plastic tube which mounts directly over or onto an LED or might consist of a frame to hold the LEDs in place in addition to the clear plastic tube. Like any component, light pipes have a pre-determined dimension; in other words, the light-pipe and the LED location need to be determined around the same time.

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