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Semiconductor Material vs. LED Color

The table shows the color of light emitted using a particular semiconductor material.
The color of the lens is assumed to be clear, or having no color.
However a white light might be produced by some other lens color.

LED Brightness
General Brightness
GaP GaN GaAs GaAlAs --
Green, Red Blue Red, Infrared Red, Infrared --
Super Brightness
Red Red, Yellow Blue Green Green
Ultra Brightness
GaAIAs InGaAlP GaN InGaN --
Red Red, Yellow, Orange Blue Green --

Chemical Elements;
Al: Aluminum
As: Arsenide
Ga: Gallium
In: Indium
N: Nitrogen
P: Phosphorus
Si: Silicon

The Chart provides a listing of the brightness of the LED and the semiconductor used to produce the LED, and the resulting LED color.
Note that the semiconductor material determines the brightness more then the LED color.
The table lists three general types; Standard, Super Bright, and Ultra Bright LEDs.

Visible optical spectrum in wavelength; Standard LED Colors: White, Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Red.
The LED material determines the color and of course the wavelength of the emitted light.
Note that variations in color are also possible, as in different shades of green [for example].

Design note: I'm not sure that the terms used to describe brightness are clearly defined.
That is the difference between supper-bright and ultra-bright may be a relative difference.

Editor note: The table provides a method of comparing semiconductor materials and wavelength.
However it would seem that an engineer would just pick an LED based on the light emitted without regard to the semiconductor used.
A Tri-color LED could be produced by using 3 individual semiconductors in the same package.

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