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This is a listing of Lamp and [Light Emitting Diodes] LED manufacturers.
The listing is subdivided into companies which produce LEDs, Lamps, or Displays.
The types of products or devices the companies produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

LED Manufacturers {Light Emitting Diode}

LED / LCD Electronic Driver Manufacturers listed under Digital / Specialized Logic listing
Opto Coupler Manufacturers listed under Analog Mixed Signal listing

Multi-Colored LEDs; Bi-Colored & Tri-colored LED Manufacturers


LED Vendors:

A-Bright {LED Lamp, LED SMD, LED Bulb, High Power LED, Infrared LED}

American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. {SMT, Through Hole Lamp, PLCC, High Power, 3 Watts}

American Opto Plus Corporation {LED Lamps-SMT LEDs--Digit Display-Dot Matrix--Cluster LED-Custom}

Bivar Inc. {Thru-Hole LEDs, Surface Mount LEDs, Ultraviolet LEDs - LED holders}

BrightView Electronics Co LTD {Through Hole, LED Lamp Array, SMD, Super Flux}

Bulgin Components PLC {Panel mounting LED indicators}

Clairex Technologies Inc. {TO-46 LED packages with domed lens or flat windows}

Cree Research {SMD/Through-Hole LEDS, SiC LED Manufacturer, High Brightness LEDs}

Dain Electronics Co LTD {SiC LED Manufacturer}

Dialight {Circuit Board Mount LED, Panel Mount LED Manufacturer}

Edison Opto {Power LED Manufacturer}

Everlight Electronics Co. LTD. {LED Lamps-High Power LED Manufacturer}

Epistar Corporation {high brightness Light Emitting Diode LED Manufacturer}

Fairchild Semiconductor Optoelectronics Group {Infrared Emitting Diode}

Hamamatsu {IR LED Manufacturer}

Huiyuan Electronic Co. Ltd {Super bright LED Manufacturer}

IDEA Inc {Through-hole LED lamps, Surface Mount LED Lamps, PCB Mount Indicators}

International Light Technologies {LED Manufacturer}

Kingbright {LED Manufacturer; SMD LED, Through-hole LED, High brightness LEDs, IR and Photo-coupler}

Kodenshi Korea Corp. {LED Manufacturer}

Kwality {3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm Round, 2x5mm Flat LED Manufacturer}

LEDtronics, Inc. {LED Manufacturer}

Ligitek Electronics Co Ltd. {LED Manufacturer}

Lite-On {LED Manufacturer}

Lumex, Inc.
{LED's in Holders, Array, Discrete LEDs, PCB Indicator, Light Bars, Panel Indicators}

Micro Electronics Corp. {LED/Blue LED}

OSRAM Opto Semiconductor GmbH {LED Manufacturer}

Oxley {LED Manufacturer; LED Panel Lamps for commercial and industrial applications}

P-tec Corporation {Thru-Hole, Surface Mount, LED Component Manufacturer}

Purdy Electronics Corporation {LED Lamps-LED Segment Displays, LED Manufacturer}

Rohm Corp. {Through-hole LED lamps and Chip LEDs for surface-mount applications}

Sanken Electric Co. Ltd {Uni-Color LED Lamp, Bi-Color LED Lamp, Chip LED manufacturing}

Sansen Technology Co. Ltd {LED Manufacturer, Serial, module, Lamps, High Intensity, Super Flux, SMD LEDs}

Sharlight Electronics Co LTD. {LED Manufacturer}

Silonex Inc {Photodiodes}

Stanley Electric Sales of America {Through hole/Surface Mount LED Manufacturer}

TI {Photo Diode Array}

Wilbrecht Electronics Inc
{Board Mount LEDs, Panel Mount LEDs}

Panel mount LEDs are mounted in a case to allow the LED to attach to the panel. [Panel Mount LED Styles]
The surrounding case may be plastic for either bolt-mount snap-in, or metal to attach a mounting nut.
Panel mount LEDs could also be watertight, to block moisture and dust, and may have leads for terminals or wires.

Additional LED Products;
Edison Mount LED Manufacturers [LEDs that fit a household lamp]
Light Pipe Manufacturers listing of suppliers,
Super Bright LED Products and vendors

Standard LED Colors include: Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, but other colors are possible.
Dictionary of LED Terms and definitions, including LED sizes and shapes.
LED topics covering semiconductor material, LED color, and brightness:
... Semiconductor Material vs. LED Color
... Visible Optical Spectrum [wavelength, frequency and visible color

Note that LED bulbs are also available, sold as incandescent replacements [as in flashlight bulbs].

A listing of Lamp and [Light Emitting Diodes] LED manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional electronic component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below,
or Electronic Equipment manufacturers listed under the OEM Equipment icon.

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