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Semiconductor - Digital - LCD Driver IC's

This is a listing of LCD/LED Driver Logic IC Manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

LCD/LED Driver IC Manufacturers

Also refer to the IrDA page for IrDA IC Manufacturers}

Integrated Circuit Vendors:
Analog Devices, Inc {Analog and Digital LCD display drivers}

Holtek Semiconductor Inc. {LCD Driver / LCD Controller}

JRC {LCD Segment/Character Driver, VFD Driver, LED Driver}

Micrel Semiconductor {Display Driver and LED Drivers}

National Semiconductor {LED / LCD Drivers - LCD Driver IC Manufacturer}

NEC Corp. {LCD Controller Driver - LCD Driver - PDP driver}

NXP {LCD Graphic & Character Driver}

ON Semiconductor {Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tube-Electroluminescent Lamp-LCD Backlight Driver IC Manufacturer}

Realtek Semiconductor Corp. {Liquid Crystal Display, LCD Driver Manufacturer}

Sharp Microelectronics {AC & DC LED drivers}

Silicon Motion, Inc. {Display Controller}

STMicroelectronics {LCD Driver chips}

TI {LED Driver Manufacturer}

Flat Panel Controllers List of Integrated Circuit vendors.

In general most of these products will be digital, but some will be analog depending on the application.
Some LED drivers may have more than one channel, driving more than one LED, individually.
For example a 3-channel device could drive all three pins of a multi-colored LED at the same time, at different drive levels.
The actual control line may be a Pulse Width Modulation pin, used as a dimmer input.
While the output drive pin would be a high current open-drain FET.

EL: Electroluminescent
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
LED: Light Emitting Diode
IrDA: Infrared Data Association
CGROM: Character Generator ROM
CGRAM: Character Generator RAM
DCRAM: Data Control RAM
VFD: Vacuum Fluorescent Display

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{LCD Driver IC Manufacturers Index}

This is a listing of Digital LCD and LED Driver IC Manufacturers. The types of products or devices the companies produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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