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IndustrialPCI Description

IndustrialPCI is electrically identical to the PCI specification

IndustrialPCI [IPCI] seemed to be some european rendition of cPCI. The standard dates from 1995 to 1998.
The bus uses a 5-slot passive backplane, with one system slot, and operates with a 32-bit/64-bit bus using either 5 volt or 3.3 volt systems.
The specification uses Eurocard formats and DIN Connectors [as does cPCI].
It does not appear that this standard gained wide approval, perhaps because of cPCI. The IndustrialPCI adapter board measures 100mm x 163mm.
The IndustrialPCI backplane contains one system slot and up to a maximum of 4 additional slots.

The IndustrialPCI standard defined three different connector sets. The IndustrialPCI standard adds a 120-pin base connector which contains all signals for the 32-Bit PCI bus. The 120-pin connector is mandatory for all sockets. A 60-pin expansion connector encompasses the 64-Bit expansion of the PCI bus. This connector is to be available on all sockets, should the IndustrialPCI backplane be laid out to support a 64-Bit bus. If no 64-Bit support is designed, then this connector may not be implemented on the backplane. A second 60-pin connector provides a universal I/O expansion; Support of this feature on the IndustrialPCI backplane is not mandatory.

The IPCI interface no longer appears to be supported. It could be that with the introduction of the cPCI bus, the IPCI bus was rendered obsolete. Also, the IndustrialPCI standard was never adopted by any standard organization. In either case by 2012, now twelve years later, the PCI-Express interface is widely used. cPCIe is the industrial version of the PCIe interface and the newest version of the cPCI form factor. The Industrial PCI interface is obsolete and should not be used in new designs, also the term industrial PCI interface should not be confused with the cPCI interface which is the industrial version of the commercial PCI interface. IPCI is not the same as cPCI.

The original company [Standard Industrial PC Systems] that released the IndustrialPCI spec no longer exists on the web.
Their web link is just a page of unrelated links, so it's not listed here for that reason.

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PCI Standards Information

PICMG 2.0 Rev 3.0 CompactPCI Core Specification
PICMG 2.1 Rev2.0 CompactPCI Hot Swap
PICMG 2.2 Rev1.0 VME64x on CompactPCI [VME64x bus on the P4/P5 connectors]
PICMG 2.3 Rev1.0 PMC on CompactPCI
PICMG 2.4 Rev1.0 IP on CompactPCI
PICMG 2.5 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Computer Telephony
PICMG 2.7 Rev1.0 6U CompactPCI Dual System Slot Specification
PICMG 2.9 Rev1.0 CompactPCI System Management
PICMG 2.10 Rev1.0 Keying of CompactPCI Boards and Backplanes
PICMG 2.11 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Power Interface
PICMG 2.12 Rev2.0 Hot Swap Infrastructure Interface
PICMG 2.14 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Multicomputing Specification
PICMG 2.15 Rev1.0 PCI Telecom Mezzanine/Carrier Card [H.110 [TDM bus] Computer Telephony]
PICMG 2.16 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane Specification [cPSB] (GigaBridge, Ethernet)
PICMG 2.17 Rev1.0 CompactPCI StarFabric Specification
PICMG 2.20 Rev1.0 CompactPCI Serial Mesh Backplane Specification
PXI Rev 1.0 PXI; PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation

IndustrialPCI Bus Pin-Out

The IndustrialPCI pinout is not yet listed here. However the pinout is derived from the PCI interface.
Also, like cPCI the pinout differs between the system slot and module slot.

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IndustrialPCI Interface IC Manufacturers

IndustrialPCI uses the same IC chips as the PCI bus specification.
The PCI interface doesn't use Glue logic chips, it's a single chip interface bus. So signal chip solutions or ASIC devices are the ICs used.
PCI is a CMOS bus, with no current flowing in the static state. The +5 volt interface uses standard TTL switching levels VIH = 2v, VOH = 2.4v.
The +3.3 volt Low Voltage interface uses VIH = 1.65v, VOH = 2.97 volt.
PCI Chip sets are listed on the main PCI Bus page.

IndustrialPCI Connector Manufacturers (2mm)

Refer to the cPCI for embedded connector solutions and manufacturers.

Industrial PCI, also called IndustrialPCI is an out-dated unsupported interface standard.
CompactPCI is the standard that was developed for industrial or embedded applications.

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