Intelligent Platform Management Interface

IPMI Description

IPMI is an extensible standard that defines how users can monitor system hardware and sensors, control system components and log important system events.
It is an open-standard hardware manageability interface specification.

Hardware components are called out in either the IPMB: Intelligent Platform Management Bus, or ICMB: Intelligent Chassis Management Bus.
The IPMI standard does not specify interface components.

IPMI Bus Interface IC Manufacturers

Maxim {12-Bit Plus Sign Temperature Sensors with SMBus/I2C-Compatible Serial Interface}

NXP {I2C Bus}

IC Chip Manufacturers {All other types}

{IPMI Bus Index}

IPMI Standards Information

IPMI - Intelligent Platform Management Interface Specification Second Generation V2.0, Revision 1.0 Feb 15 2006

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