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Industrial Buses with more data are listed on their own individual pages, so the navigation links above may point to a different web page. Industrial "Field Buses" are sub-divided into Buses depending on the capabilities they offer. The most complex are the
Control Buses: High Speed Ethernet (HSE) and ControlNet, followed by the
Field Buses: Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus,
Sensor Buses: CAN, ASI, Seriplex and LonWorks.
Device Buses: DeviceNet, Profibus DP, SDS and Interbus-S,

InterBus Description

Developed by Phoenix Contact; uses the following standards: DIN 19258, EN 50.254 and EIA-485 for the electrical interface. Based on a Ring network with one Master and many Slaves running at 500kbps [2Mbit/sec max] at full-duplex. A maximum bus length of 400m is allowed between any two slaves, and the total bus length is limited to 13km. Each slave connects to the bus via two full-duplex RS-422 transceivers, one on each side of the slave. So each slave is connected to the follow-on device via an RS422 link. An additional local bus connected to the main remote bus via a bus coupler may also exist, but does not use RS422. The slave may also function as a bus-coupler. Multiple local-bus loops are allowed, local buses use CMOS voltage levels. The topology may be Tree, Ring, Star or point to point bus

M12 Connector Pinout for INTERBUS

1 DO Data cable from IBS master
2 /DO Data cable inverted from IBS master
3 DI Data cable to IBS master
4 /DI Data cable inverted to IBS master
5 GND Ground
Threaded joint Shield

This pinout may not be part of any specification. Industrial Type M12 Connector Manufacturers
5-pin circular connector: pins 1 and 2 are on top, 5 in the center, 3 and 4 on the bottom. Pin 3 below 2, 4 below 1.

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