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IC Multiplexers

2-to-1 IC Multiplexer integrated circuit
2-to-1 Multiplexer Circuit

Multiplexer. Sometimes also called a Data Selector. A circuit that transmits one of two or more signals from the input to the output. A multiplexer would be considered standard logic or glue logic when a discrete IC is used. In addition, because of the internal complexity, a multiplexer would also be considered an MSI Function [Medium Scale Integration].

Multiplexers by Function:
Note in most cases when a 74xx device is listed, a 54xx device is also available.
74xx represents the commercial temperature range and 54xx represents the military temperature range [IC Prefixes]. However the components below appear to be in current production. These design rules help with Logic to Logic Translation

Quadruple 2-Line To 1-Line Data Selectors/Multiplexers With 3-State Outputs
74AC11257 [Advanced CMOS]
74ACT11257 [CMOS with TTL compatible outputs]

Quad 2-Line-to-1-Line Data Selector/Multiplexer, CMOS
40257 [True CMOS]
54HC257 [High speed CMOS]

Quad Non-Inverting 2-Input Multiplexers
54AC157, CD74AC157

Quad Inverting 2-Input Multiplexers

Quad 2-Input Inverting Multiplexers with 3-State Outputs

Dual 4-Input Multiplexers
54HC153 [High speed CMOS]
54HCT153, CD74HCT153 [CMOS with TTL compatible outputs]

Dual 4-Input Multiplexers with 3-State Outputs
54ACT253, CD74ACT253

8-Input Multiplexer [1-of-8]
54ACT151, CD74ACT151

8-to-1 IC Multiplexer
8 Input Multiplexer Circuit

8-Input Multiplexer/Register, 3-State Outputs, High Speed CMOS Logic; CD54HC354

8-Channel Data Selector, CMOS [1-of-8]; CD4512 [True CMOS]

8-to-1 IC Data Selector and Multiplexer Integrated Circuit
8-to-1 Selector Circuit

Of course if you could fit this function in a PLD or FPGA using a VHDL Mux function than this page would serve little purpose.

Editor note; I'm not all that clear of the difference between a data selector and a multiplexer. Although the designs I've been involved in stopped using small scale ICs in the early 1990's, as the physical side of the work moved into general purpose PALs and MACHs. Following that, any new designs were generated in much larger FPGAs, so there was little need to add an individual IC to perform a minor function, easily handled in an FPGA. Of course the design, or the number of product shipped would need to support the cost of an FPGA costing hundreds as opposed to a 20 cent decoder.

The point being that many circuit designs no longer use small scale integrated circuits in their designs, when an FPGA is already present in the circuit.

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