Chassis AC Power Filtering:

Unlike AC Inlet modules which need to interface to some type of power code, and may or may not have any filtering. RFI Filter Modules for AC power will reside internal to a chassis and will not have any power cord connection, like IEC 60320. Embedded AC filters use any number of different connection styles with out regard to the AC cable. Embedded AC RFI filters are designed to be chassis mount but not panel mount, so they are embedded to the equipment case or chassis. Also that these Embedded AC power filters will not be fused. Back to AC Power Modules section.

Flange Mount [Screw On Chassis Mount], RFI/EMI AC Power Line Filter Module.
The wire connection points for this module uses the Blade style of wire connectors. This connection may also be called a Quick Connect Terminal to secure the incoming wires.

RFI Power Filter for an AC line
AC RFI/EMI Power Filter, Quick Connect Terminals

Flange Mount [Screw On Chassis Mount], RFI/EMI AC Power Line Filter Module.
The wire connection points for this module uses Wire Lugs and Bolts on the module.
Note the different circuits possible within the module.
Remember when installing discrete wires to the terminals of the module be sure to use the correct Cable color code.

Examples RFI Power Filter for an AC inlet lines
AC RFI/EMI Power Filter, Lug Terminals

Design Guidelines
In a chassis with ac service connected to it, the grounding terminal of its receptacle shall be internally bonded to the chassis frame. If solder is used, the connection of the equipment grounding conductor shall not depend on solder alone. Related page; Chassis Grounding Issues.

The exposed, non-current carrying, metal parts of panel mount connectors operating at 50 volts or greater shall be bonded to the chassis.

Any connector used to provide power at 50 V or greater shall not allow personnel to make inadvertent contact with the power source.

All terminals and live parts with a potential of 50 volts or greater shall be guarded to protect from accidental contact or bringing conductive objects in contact with them.

All Equipment Enclosures containing exposed energized circuits over 600 volts nominal should be marked Danger High Voltage Keep Out with a label that is permanent.

Signal and control cables should be separated from power cables as much as practicable.

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