Panel Meter Description

Meters that are designed to mount in panels and or rack systems. The two main types are either Analog or Digital. Digital meters provide an exact measurement, while Analog meters provide a relative change. The accuracy of analog meters may vary between 1 and 20 percent. Normally a panel meter is installed into a cut-out made into a 1U blank panel [which may not be supplied].

Analog Panel Meter
Panel Meter

Other styles of panel meters are made to mount directly to the rails within the rack, and still others are wall mount, or mounted to the front side of a 2U/3U blank panel.

Panel Meter Manufacturers

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{Panel Meters; Human Machine Interface, Digital/Analog Panel Displays}

Jewell Instruments, LLC
{Panel Meters; Analog and digital panel meters, Sensors}

Panel meters may be round, square or rectangular in shape and in a number of sizes. Analog meters may vary in accuracy.

This page provides links to additional components used in a equipment chassis or Rack. Panel Meters can be found to display any number of conditions, and they can be either analog or digital. Panel Meters can be attached to a blank rack panel or the front panel of a chassis. Elapsed Time Indicators, Environmental Alarm Indicators.

A page showing a graphic of different styles of Panel Mount LEDs.

Index page; How To Specify a Equipment Chassis

Panel meters are not that common in the electrical engineering field, but may be more common in the industrial area. However I have seen meters on gear that needs to be checked or maintained at certain intervals. In any case the manufacturers are listed along with the devices they produce.

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