Leveling Products and Manufacturers

Leveling products are normally used to level a table top chassis. These leveling components can either be rigid or swivel type, or they can incorporate Anti-vibration features. Chassis Leveling components are normally required on high-rel or military jobs.

Advanced Antivibration Components
{Wheels, Leveling, Foot Mounts}

Sunnex Inc.
{Leveling Feet. Metal, Nylon, Rubber, Machinery Mounts}

Anti-Vibration Products; Chassis Design

Equipment Rack Manufacturers, Chassis Manufacturers

This is one [small] topic in the larger; How To Specify a Equipment Chassis section. The link points to the index page for the chassis design section, and contains information on what to include or not include when writing a specification for an equipment chassis or when ordering one.

Additional Chassis Component Manufacturers and Vendors

Anti-Vibration Product Manufacturers

Cable Clamp Manufacturers
Cable clamps are normally plastic rings open at one end with a screw hole to secure the cable to a surface.
Heat Shrink Manufacturers
Heat Shrinkable tubing used to insulate the conductive portion of a wire to connector connection.
Leveling Product Manufacturers
Adjustable feet for a table mounted chassis is one example.
Strain Relief Manufacturers
Strain Reliefs are used to secure a cable to a chassis, for example, so that if a force is applied to the cable the wires are not pulled from the interfacing connector.
Grommet Manufacturers
Grommets are rubber rings which are inserted in chassis holes to protect a cable running through the hole, for example.

Oil Tight Plugs: used to seal unused push-button holes, conduit openings and knock-out holes against dust, oil and water.
Clip Nuts: to attach the chassis to a standard size rack, 10-32
Lock Kits: used to secure the front panel door to the chassis, assuming the chassis uses a panel door.
Lift or Pull Handles: so the chassis can be pulled out of a rack or lifted to another location.

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Swivel Equipment Lift Handle
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