Handle Definitions:

Equipment Handles are used on either a front panel of a board or on a chassis. Normally if used, handles are placed on either side of a chassis so that the chassis can be pulled out of a rack or carried. Handles used on a card are also used to pull the card out of a chassis; how ever handles are also sometimes used as a guard.

Handles may be Rigid, Hinged, or Positive locking. Only rigid handles should be used if the handle is also be used as a guard to protect a component on the front panel, other wise a hinged handle could be used to free up space in front of the chassis, to fit into an equipment rack for example.

Card Handle Manufacturers

Amatom Electronic Hardware {Handles, Catches and Heavy Duty Handles}

ECS Composites
{Case Handles}

Keystone Electronics Corp.
{Handle Ferrules, Handle Mounting Screws, Carrying Handles, Contemporary Handles, Instrumentation (Round/Oval) Handles}

Handle Standards:

Materials: Stainless Steel (MIL-S-5059) or Beryllium Copper (QQ-C-533)
Plating: Cadmium (QQ-P-416), Silver (QQ-S-365), Zinc (QQ-Z-325), Electroless Nickel (MIL-C-26074)

The text in the brackets are the relevant military documents or standards; however the documents may no longer be active.

Handle Details:

Many sizes are availably, with the most common center-to-center length being 4 inches. Other center-to-center lengths: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 4.5, 6, 6.4, and 6.5 inches.

Design Hint; Be sure to size the handle to carry the weight of the chassis, for external chassis mount handles.
Normally individual boards use card ejectors / pullers and not handles.

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The graph to the upper right is an example of a [drawing] showing an Adjustable, 3-Position, Folding, Molded Grip, Offset, with Round Case Handles.

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