Ground Lug Recommendations:

The Metal chassis should be effectively bonded to a main grounding point in the rack cabinet where necessary to assure electrical continuity and shall have the capacity to conduct safely any fault current likely to be imposed on it, use a Ground Lug attached to the chassis to accomplish this.
There a number of possible types of grounds lugs. One method would be to securely attached a bolt out the rear of the chassis that could accept a wired crimp terminal.

Note this topic is related to Chassis Grounding and Rack Grounding [chassis design].

Ground Lug Manufacturers:

Bolt Manufacturers

Emerson{Grounding Bonding Lugs}

Framatome Connectors International 'FCI' {Compression Grounding, Mechanical Grounding Products}

For NEC-compliant grounding, use size 14 AWG (2 mm2) or larger copper wire and an appropriate user-supplied ring terminal with an inner diameter of 1/4 inch (5 to 7 millimeters).

For EN/IEC 60950-compliant grounding, use size 18 AWG (1 mm2) or larger copper wire and an appropriate user-supplied ring terminal.

Diagram of a Terminal Stud
Ground Lug Termination

Ground Lug Guidelines:

Grounding to chassis: Ground connection to an electrically conductive chassis or frame should be mechanically secured by soldering to a spot welded terminal lug or to a portion of the chassis or frame that has been formed into a soldering lug, or by use of a terminal on the ground wire and then securing the terminal by a screw, nut, and lock-washer. The screw should fit in a tapped hole in the chassis or frame or it should be held in a through-hole by a nut. When the chassis or frame is made of steel, the metal around the screw hole should be plated or tinned to provide a corrosion resistant connection.

When aluminum alloys are used, the metal around the grounding screw or bolt-hole may be covered with a corrosion resistant surface film only if the resistance through the film is not more than 0.002 ohm. Hardware used for mounting of meters, switches, test points, etc., should be grounded, whenever possible.

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I assume a terminal stud could also just be a bolt running through a hole in the chassis and bolted down, with room on the threads for a grounding lug and another bolt.

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