Fuse Holder Manufacturers

Panel mount fuse holders will come in one of two forms; plastic or metal. The plastic fuse holders will be cheaper than their metal counterparts, made of Thermoplastic (UL 94V-0). Plastic fuse holders can also offer a light, as in a Blown-Fuse Indicator, while metal fuse holders do not.
Panel mount fuse holders can hold almost any size fuse, but the three most common styles hold 1/4 x 1 1/4, 5 x 20mm, and 13/32 x 1 1/2.

Common panel mount fuse holders are either; Finger Grip Knob type, Bayonet cap, or Slotted Driver type, Screw cap. The finger grip style allows for ease of removal, while the slotted style requires a screw driver.

Fuse Holder, Plastic Panel Mount

Fuse Cap colors include - Green, Blue, Red, Black or Tan, with black being the most common color.

Some panel mount fuse holders come equipped with a light indicator, which may either be a simple light or a lighted word to indicate the fuse is functioning. Normally the light is a glow lamp, incandescent lamp, or LED. This link provides another view of a Blown Indicator Fuse Holder.

Metal fuse holders offer EMI shielding and RFI protection. Both types are offered in any number of sizes, each hold the most common fuse type; 3AG. One of the more common cut-outs is 0.500 inches {round cut}, and 0.475 inches {D cut}.

D-Cut Mounting Hole

An O-ring provides a water-tight seal on the front side of the panel for either fuse type. Most of the metal style fuse holders also have a Keep Chain to hold the fuse cap attached to the fuse holder body.

Fuse Holder, Panel Mount

Refer to this page for a listing of Fuse Holder Manufacturers, or here for Manufacturers of Fuses [also details how to select a fuse value].

Remember that, like fuses, fuse holders need to be derated with temperature too. Check the manufacturers data sheet to insure that the fuse holder and fuse will operate at the maximum temperature the device will encounter. Also see; How to derate a fuse.

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Fuse Holder Drawing per MIL-A-A-55504
Panel Mount Fuse Holder

Common Bulk Head Cut-outs; Flat side x Round Side: 0.461 x 0.506, 0.473 x 0.506, 0.500 x 0.560 inches

Design Recommendation; Where fuses are used, at least one extra fuse of each type and rating used should be supplied and attached to the applicable units of the equipment. Panel-mounted fuse posts should be such as to permit renewal of fuses without use of tools [refer to MIL-HDBK-454].

Fuse holders: The current rating of fuses should be marked adjacent to the fuse holder. In addition, SPARE should be marked adjacent to each spare fuse holder.

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