Chassis Manufacturers

There are a number of manufacturers that produce equipment chassis. Most of the manufacturers produce a chassis in a number of different formats, while a few only produce a chassis in only one form factor. The chassis form factor list below will help in locating the correct vendor.

The only thing to keep in mind is that some vendors will manufacturer 100% of the chassis in-house, while some will out-source portions of the work. The most common item out-sourced would be the cable assemblies, if required in the chassis specification. However it's really hard to tell how much work will be done in house.

Normally when the vendor indicates that they are a value-added source, little if any work may be completed in-house. Or a value added company may take some one else's chassis and just add the cabling - some times it's hard to tell. On a side note; this web side does not list value added companies, only Original Equipment Manufactures [OEMs]. But there is no way to tell what a vendor may out-source. Some vendors may refuse to do any cabling at all, and might just provide a few references to use.

If the job requires a spec, contact some vendors to find out what items should be included in the chassis, or what items should not be included. That is, items that if included in the specification would cause the vendor not to bid on the chassis specification job.

Vendor listing, ordered by Chassis style,
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ATCA, Telecommunications
ATR, Flight, & Air transport
cPCI Embedded, based on PCI
General, No format
PC, Personal Computer
PXI, PCI Form Factor
VME, Commercial or Military Embedded
VXI, Commercial or Military Embedded VME with shielding

There are a number of other chassis formats; refer to the section on Interface Buses, and backplane buses.

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