Environmental Alarm Manufacturers

Panel or Wall mount Alarm Units;
Airflow alarms, Temperature alarms, and Water alarms.
In most cases these panel mount alarm units are installed onto a 1U high blank panel. The installation position within the rack is determined by what the panel is trying to measure. For example if a temperature alarm unit is measuring rack inlet air then the panel may be installed near the bottom of the rack. While a temperature alarm unit is measuring rack outlet air the panel might be installed near the top of the rack [assuming the top is vented]. Of course if the alarm unit is supplied with a long probe then the panel could be install in any location on the rack, as long as the probe is taken to the measurement location.

Moisture Alarm Units

Environmental Alarm units that detect the presence of water or humidity [also Leak Detection] are listed below. Water alarm units are used to monitor rooms against damage from water and humidity.

Aqualeak {Water Alarm Units}

Extech Instruments Corporation {Humidity meters, Moisture Meter}

Minco {Humidity Transmitter}

Omega Engineering {Humidity meters}

RH; Relative Humidity.
Dew Point; Temperature at which condensation starts to occur.
The more common meter to use would be the one measuring humidity, water intrusion would be a bit less common.
Of course equipment residing in a pumping station, or unmanned shelter might in fact require a water level meter.

Temperature Alarm Mfgs

Rack Mountable Temperature Alarm Units

Aqualeak {Over Temperature Alarm Units}

Dynalco {Temperature Indicators}

Dwyer {DIN Mounted Temperature Controllers, Thermometer}

Hampshire Controls Corp. {Four Probe Temperature Monitor Alarm System}

Minco {Temperature Indicators}

Omega Engineering Inc {Temperature Panels Meters}

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Dual Scale Thermomemter

RTD; Resistance Temperature Detector.
RTD Thermocouples, sensors are used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature. The RTD element is made from a pure material whose resistance at various temperatures has been documented. The material has a predictable change in resistance as the temperature changes.

Temperature Sensor Manufacturers

Related topic; Thermistor Manufacturers

This page lists vendors that produce Temperature Alarm Displays.
The primary purpose of the page is to provide environmental alarms for rack mounting. In some cases the Temperature Display may fit within an equipment chassis.

Air Flow Alarm Discussion

Rack Mountable Airflow Indicators are used to provide an indication of the amount of cooling air passing through the rack. In most cases the Air Flow Alarm unit will be mounted to a 1U blank panel and installed in the front of the rack. Installing the unit at the front of the rack allows the operator or technician to view or clear the alarm.
The lack of air flow indicates that a rack fan has failed or the under floor cooling has cut-out and stopped pushing cold air.

Alarm Indicator: A device that responds to a signal from an alarm sensor.
Alarm Sensor: In a physical security system, an approved device used to indicate a change in the physical environment of a facility or a part thereof.

Air Flow Alarm Manufacturers

Fumair {Hand Held Air Flow Monitor and Alarm System}

Hampshire Controls Corp. {Airflow Monitors and Control System}

MIL-S-16032; Switches and Detectors, Shipboard Alarm Systems.
This specification covers pressure, temperature, thermostatic, door, water, liquid level, liquid flow, and airflow switches, and single-purpose (smoke or combustion gas) detectors and flame detectors used on Naval ships for visual and audible alarm systems.....

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Alarm modules and units for fault indications with equipment air flow, equipment temperature, or water seepage.

Although these meters are not that common in a lab, switching stations, or server farms, it's still part of rack mount equipment which in term corresponds to chassis design. So for completeness the companies making these meters are listed here, which also supports the other topics covering sensors and rack mount gear.

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