Elapsed Time Indicator Manufacturers

Elapsed Time Indicators measure the amount of time electrically-operated equipment is running. Most devices are panel mount, but printed wiring board mount ICs or modules are also available. Note that in many cases Elapsed Time Indicators are also called Hour Meters.

{Panel Mount, 5/6 digits, tenth of hour}

Curtis Instruments
{Panel Mount Display, solid-state digital hour meters and counters.
PCB Mount AC / DC meter assembly modules with display}

{Panel Mount Timers, Hour Meters and Time Indicators
Battery powered units are also available}

The Fredericks Company
{CCA mount precision glass capillary tube}

Laurel Electronics Inc.
{Panel Mount Process Timers, Stopwatches, Pulse Width, Duty Cycle Meters}

{Panel Mount LCD meter, EEPROM. CCA Mount EEPROM IC DIP}


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