Caster Description

What is a Caster?
A Caster is a wheel mounted in a swivel frame. In addition to attaching a caster or wheel to the bottom of the rack, an optional Recessed Caster Base may be purchased at the time a rack is acquired.

Caster Manufacturers

Who manufactures Casters?

Caster Concepts Inc. {Caster Manufacturer}

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. {Caster-Wheel Manufacturer}

The Revvo Caster Company, Inc. {Fixed, Swivel and Pivoting Caster Models ; 31 lbs. to 26,400 lbs, Medical & Hospital Casters}

Wellington Industries {casters and wheels for use in a wide variety of industrial, institutional and medical/health care material handling applications}

Check Load Capacity when specifying materials.

Equipment Rack Manufacturers
How To Specify a Equipment Chassis; section index

Of course a caster is normally not used with an equipment chassis, as in a table-top or rack mount chassis; however they are used with Transportable Chassis [transit cases], and Equipment Racks. Which is the topic point, to support equipment racks.

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