Anti-Vibration Products and Manufacturers

There are a number of reasons an equipment chassis or rack may require Anti-Vibration products. Mobile applications and military uses are just two reasons to consider Anti-Vibration devices; Mobile Ground Environments, Naval Environments, and Airborne Environments all require Reliability Predictions. While many military applications my require the use of MIL-STD-901 to cover shock testing.

There may be three levels of Anti-vibration implementations; at the rack level, the chassis level and or the card cage level, or any combination of the three.

ACE Controls
{Shock Absorbers, Pneumatic Cushions}

Advanced Antivibration Components
{Suspension Mounts, Stud / Nut Type Mounts, Base Plate Fastened Mounts, Pads / Tapes, Couplings}

Anti-Vibration Methods (Rubber) Co. Ltd
{Standard and special anti-vibration and shock isolation mountings}

Isolated Systems Limited
{Anti-Vibration Mountings, Spring Mounts}

Sunnex Inc.
{Vibration Mounts and Leveling Feet. Vibration isolation mounts and pads}

Unisorb {Vibration Isolation Pad Materials}


Bonds shall be protected from vibration-induced deterioration by assuring that bolts and screws are adequately torqued.

Bonding straps installed across shock mounts or other suspension or support devices shall not impede the performance of the mounting device. They shall be capable of withstanding the anticipated motion and vibrational requirements without suffering metal fatigue or other means of failure. Extra care should be utilized in the attachment of the ends of bonding straps to prevent arcing or other means of electrical noise generation with movement of the strap.

NOTE; Bonding straps with a width-to-length ratio approximately l-to-5 and thickness of approximately 0.76 mm (0.030 in) are better than wires, due to lower inductance per unit length.. MIL-STD-188-.

MIL-STD-901D Shock Tests {High Impact} Shipboard Machinery, Equipment, and System Requirements. Military Specifications list.

Equipment Rack Leveling Product Manufacturers
Electronic Equipment Rack Manufacturers
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