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Industrial connectors come with an Environmental Protection Rating, or Ingress Protection [IP].
In general the IP rating indicates protection from either water or dust and is based on a 3 digit code.
The first digit indicates protection from solid objects, the second digit indicates protection against liquids, and the third digit indicates protection against impact damage.

Military connectors use military standards and specifications to rate their own connectors.
However, other than shells, and back-shells I don't believe they have a standard for Ethernet connectors.

Protection Rating [which may form some of the part number of the component]

First digit; Protection against solid objects
0: No protection from solid object strikes
1: Protection against solid objects greater than 50mm
2: Protection against solid objects greater than 12mm
3: Protection against solid objects greater than 2.5mm
4: Protection against solid objects greater than 1mm
5: Protection from dust, allows dust but without harmful effect
6: Protection from dust, allows no dust, complete protection

Second digit; Protection against liquids
0: No protection from liquid protrusion
1: Protection against dripping water, vertically
2: Protection against dripping water, up to 15 degrees from vertical
3: Protection against spraying water, up to 60 degrees from vertical
4: Protection against spraying water, from any direction, limited ingree permitted
5: Protection against jets of water, [low pressure] limited ingree permitted
6: Protection against jets of water, Shipboard [high pressure] limited ingree permitted
7: Protection against temporary immersion, limited duration
8: Protection against temporary immersion, long duration

Third digit; Protection against impact damage
0: No protection from impact damage
1: Protection against 0.225 joules impact
2: Protection against 0.375 joules impact
3: Protection against 0.5 joules impact
5: Protection against 2.0 joules impact
7: Protection against 6.0 joules impact
9: Protection against 20.0 joules impact
Of course once you attach the correctly rated connector
the chassis or container still needs to be tested to insure that the entire design meets the requirements.

Normally a military requirement will call out water, for example, at some pressure, angle of spray and duration.

Refer here for Industrial Ethernet Connector Manufacturers or Commercial Ethernet Connector Manufacturers.

This site also has a section on Transport Case Design, as in chassis design, or rack design which are also closely related.
As Ingress Protection would be required for any equipment cabinet residing out in the environment, like a transit case or equipment rack.

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