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High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturers


Cornell Dubilier {High Voltage Capacitors - Snubber Capacitors - AC/DC High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

Custom Electronics Inc. {High Voltage/High Temperature/High Reliability Mica Paper Capacitors-Electronic Assemblies}

Electrocube Inc. {High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

EPCOS {High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer}

High Energy Corp. {High Voltage Oil Filled, Ceramic Capacitors}

Hong Kong Film Capacitor (Shun Tai) Co Ltd {Motor Run, Networks, Snubber Network, Pulse Snubber, Power RC Network, Power Filter - Fan Speed Regulator, Three Phase, Power Film}

Motor Capacitors Inc. {High Voltage Microwave Capacitor Manufacturer}

There is no defined voltage level that makes a capacitor high-voltage, perhaps over 1kV.
High voltage capacitors may be oil filled [stored], or water cooled, with water running through the capacitor [using a tube].

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Misc. Capacitor Types

Aerovox Div. PPC {AC Capacitors Manufacturer}

American Technical Ceramics 'ATC' {RF Capacitor - Power Capacitor - Film Capacitor Manufacturer}

AVX {Microwave - Low Inductance Capacitor Manufacturer}

Barker Microfarads, Inc. {Motor Start Capacitor Manufacturer}

Carli Electronics Co. Ltd. {metallized Polyester Film - metallized Polypropylene - Polypropylene Film}

Cornell Dubilier {Mica Capacitor Manufacturer}



ITW {Polyester-Polypropylene-Snubber Capacitors}

muRata {Network Capacitors}

NTE {Mylar - Polyester Capacitor Manufacturer}

Panasonic Industrial Components {Electric Double Layer Capacitor Manufacturer}

Vishay {Motor Start Capacitor - RF Capacitors Manufacturer}

This section on miscellaneous types is really a listing of miscellaneous applications or functions.

Capacitor Reference Data;

Capacitor Information {Dielectric Types, Temperature Coefficient, Chip sizes, Board Placement, and Value selection}
Capacitor Dictionary, including graphics as required.

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This is a listing of High Voltage Capacitor manufacturers and vendors. The listing is subdivided by dielectric material.
The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
In many cases a particular manufacturer will produce capacitors of each dielectric material, but not in all cases.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.

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