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Board Header

Header. [Terminal] Normally a male connector having exposed pins which are molded into a plastic base. Headers are produced in either single row or double row having a minimum of two pins. A 1-pin header would just a test-point. Common Headers are 0.1 inch spacing, pin-to-pin. Female connectors having the same spacing are used to interface. Headers are common in PC motherboards, and are very common as Jumper blocks.
Additional names used to describe a header include; Pin strip header, Board to board connectors, or Board stackers.

Headers height may be high Profile [shown below] or low profile.
Headers protection may be Un-Shrouded [below] or may be a
Shrouded Header [with side walls].
Headers Pin separation may have 0.1 inch separation [shown below] or 2mm separation.
Pitch [all styles] .200" (5.08mm), .156" (3.96mm), .100" (2.54mm), .079" (2mm), .050" x .100" (1.27 x 2.54mm),
.050" x .050" (1.27 x 1.27mm), .0394" (1mm), .0315" (.8mm), .0197" (.5mm) pin pitch.
Also see Header Manufacturers

Dual Row Through-hole Header

Dual Row Header is the most common styles. The Dual Row Header may be used as a male terminal for a connector or a Jumper block.

Dual Row Through-hole Header
Dual Row Header

Single Row Through-hole Right Angle Header

Right angle headers may be dual row or single row components.
A Through-hole header is shown below, but surface mount headers are possible.

Single Row Right Angle Header
Right Angle Header

Dual Row Through-hole Dual Body Stacker

Board to Board headers are single or dual row headers that have two separate plastic bodies. Each plastic body is used to mount flat to the Printed Wiring Board [PWB].

PWB to PWB Header
Dual Body Stacker

A Header may also be called a jumper header or jumper block, depending on its usage in the circuit. A header when used as a mate to a connector or a jumper terminal when used as a mate for a Shunt [jumper].

Dual Row Board Header
Jumper Block with Shunt Installed
PC motherboard

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