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EPROM. or an Erasable PROM [Programmable Read Only Memory] is the same as an EEPROM except that an EPROM needs to be erased by Ultra-Violet [UV] light and not with an electric field. Because EPROMs require UV light to be erased they require a transparent window on the top of the device. Another type of EPROM that does not have a window; One Time Programmable EPROMs [OTP] are meant to be programmed only once so do not require a window to be erased. A PROM retains it stored memory even after power is removed.

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EEPROM. or an Electrically Erasable PROM [Programmable Read Only Memory] is the same as an EPROM except that does not require UV light to be erased. So an EEPROM does not require a window. An EEPROM is erased by applying a voltage to one of the pins on the IC.

Manufacturers of EEPROM ICs
Manufacturers of PROM ICs

Once a PROM is programed a label is attached to the top of the component to indicate the revision of code used or stored within the PROM.

Programmed EPROM

For an EPROM the label also serves to cover the glass window of the EPROM so the IC is not erased by ambient light. In many cases the PROM is also installed in a socket to allow the device to be re-programmed.

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Design Hint; Always use Surface Mount Devises [SMD] when possible.

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