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Circular Mini-Din

A round connector made by 'DIN' used on some computer cables. The graphics and photographs represent the common connectors used on computers; however there are many other styles that look nothing like these examples. In addition; there are complete lines of DIN connectors that are not even round [see note below].

3-pin MiniDIN 4-pin MiniDIN

3-pin and 4-pin Circular Mini DIN Connectors

5-pin MiniDIN 6-pin MiniDIN

5-pin and 6-pin Circular Mini DIN Connectors

6-Pin Mini-DIN connectors are used on some PC Keyboard Cables.
6-Pin Mini-DIN connectors are used on some PC Mouse Cables.
Refer to the pictures to the right, note the color coding.
3-Pin Mini-DIN connectors were used wite Apple LocalTalk Interface.

Related Graphics; 7 to 9-pin Mini-DINs.
Many other Circular DIN connectors are possible.
However less-known because they don't appear on PCs.

Remember because DIN is an abbreviation which represents an organization, it makes the term DIN almost a trade name. Or the name of a style of connector in common usage, but that does not mean the connector is manufactured by DIN, but only follows the standard developed by DIN.

Related; Manufacturers of DIN Connectors, which list a number of different styles or shapes of DIN connectors.

The Molex connector is also a trade name that represents a style of power connector. But when you purchase a Molex connector it does not imply that it was manufactured by Molex, only that it follows the physical interface. Of course Molex produces a complete line of different connectors, beyond the Molex power connector.

Note fewer and fewer computers are shipping with Circular DIN connectors as they are traded out for USB Connectors, or wireless interfaces to either the mouse or keyboard. The latest Dell computer purchased by the editor in 2010 does not use any circular DIN connectors on the PC.

It's a simple matter to remove all circular DINs from a PCs rear panel, because most computers ship with a new mouse and keyboard. So the manufacturers knows that the user will not require a circular DIN because the new interfaces shipped use USB [for example].

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