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Circular Mini-Din

A few examples of non-standard sizes of circular mini-Din connectors. Or more specifically non-standard pin locations or pin orientations.

7-pin MiniDIN 8-pin MiniDIN

7-pin and 8-pin Circular Mini DIN Connectors

9-pin MiniDIN

9-pin Circular Mini DIN Connector

Note that between the differing number of pins, there relative locations, and the presence of a plastic key on some of the connectors means that many connectors will not mate with a different style DIN connector. That is, two connectors have to have the same numbers of pins, in the correct location and have the key in the correct location. In other words, not all seven pin round connectors will mate with other styles of 7 pin round connectors. Of course the diameter of the jack and sockets have to be the same size as well.

A 7-pin Mini-DIN was used as the Apple S-Video port [but with a different pinout.
An 8-Pin Mini-DIN connector was used on the Apple Computer LocalTalk Bus.

PC motherboard

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