Definition of Terms used by Electrical Engineers
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Y. The letter used to designate Admittance.

Y [WYE]. A 'Y' shaped connection used with 3-phase power. Both the Generater side and load side may be configured in a WYE shape. Also referred to as a Star arrangement. Three separate windings that have one side of each winding connected to each of the other windings.

Wye connection used in AC power
AC WYE Power

Y-Amplifier The vertical amplifier of an oscilloscope.
[Test Equipment Manufacturers]

YAG Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet.

Yagi antenna: A combination of dipoles to increase the gain. A directional antenna. Also refer to Antenna Manufacturers. The dictionary of Antenna Terms may have more detail.

YAW Side to side motion in a vehicle. The rotation of an object in a plane around a vertical axis.

Y-AXIS. In a gyro, an axis through the center of gravity and perpendicular to the spin axis. The vertical axis on a chart.

Y-Cable. A cable with three ends, with one common end. So that one interface splits in a 'Y' to two different cable ends. A Y-cable could have any type of termination, but a common example is a 3.5mm stereo connector to two RCA connectors [Red, White], or a male 3.5mm connector to two female 3.5mm connectors. A cable splitter, although this usually refers to a component and not a cable; see splitter.

Y-Cut. The manner in which a usable crystal is cut from a quartz crystal.

Y-Network. A network or system configuration connected in the shape of a 'Y', as in WYE shown above.

YIG Yttrium-Iron-Garnet. A a ferrimagnetic material, or compound.

YIG Crystal A crystal made of Yttrium, Iron, Garnet. [Crystal Manufacturers]

YOKE A set of coils placed over the neck of a Cathode Ray Tube [CRT] to move the electron beam position as it points at the face of the CRT. A ferromagnet placed between two magnetic cores to complete a magnetic field.

PC motherboard

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