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'Va' to 'Vd', 'Ve' to 'Vh', 'Vi' to 'Vola', 'Volt' to 'Vz'

Vector. A line used to represent both direction and magnitude.

Vehicle Bus. An electrical interface bus used in Vehicles; refer to a description of Automotive Buses.

Veitch Diagram. A diagram consisting of joined squares, which is used to give a graphic representation of basic logic relations. See Karnaugh map.

Velocity. The rate at which a disturbance travels through a medium.

Velocity Modulation. Modification of the velocity of an electron beam by the alternate acceleration and deceleration of electrons.

Velocity Servosystem. A servo-system which controls the speed of the load it is driving.

Vendor Item Drawing. [VID] A drawing that describes the specification of an item that may be purchased as a government part under the VID drawing number. However in many cases the VID calls out a commercial part number. In addition to calling out the commercial part number and the same specification found in a standard data sheet, the VID may also call out conformance standards and qualification tests on the part described. A government generated VID allows the government to work off the same standardized drawing instead of using different control drawings generated by different manufacturers.

Venn Diagram. A diagram that uses circles to represent logic functions and logic relationships to one another.

Vernier Dial. A dial used on equipment [analog oscilloscopes] that changes a sub-dial with one complete rotation of the main dial.

Vertical Axis. On a graph, the straight line axis that is plotted from bottom to top.

Vertical Deflection Plates. A pair of parallel electrodes in a CRT that moves the electron beam up and down.

Vertical FET. A VFET. A type of field effect transistor.

Vertical Pattern. The part of a radiation pattern that is radiated in the vertical plane.

Vertical Plane. An imaginary plane that is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

Vertically Polarized. Waves that are radiated with the E field component perpendicular to the earths surface.

Ventilating Fan. A non-positive displacement mechanical device having either an axial or centrifugual fan impeller. The fan is designed to move free air or some other gas from indoors to outdoors or vice versa over a wide range of volumes at low pressures. The fan is supported by a ring, plate, or shroud or may be inclosed in a housing.

Very High Frequency. The band of frequencies from 30 megahertz to 300 megahertz. The part of the radio spectrum from 30 to 300 megahertz, which includes TV Channels 2-13, the FM broadcast band and some marine, aviation and land mobile services. Refer to the Table of Frequency Bands

Very Low Frequency. The band of frequencies from 3 kilohertz to 30 kilohertz.

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