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Via. A plated-thru hole in a printed wiring board. A via may exist between one or more adjacent board layers, or through the entire board. A blind via runs vertically between the top [or bottom] side and through one or more adjacent board layers, but not through the entire board. A buried via runs between one or more adjacent internal layers, but does not run to the top or bottom layer. Also refer to Thermal Via. Related PWB Design links.

Via Stub. the portion of the via that is not in series with the signal. When a signal pin does not traverse the entire via, or when the signal layer using the via is not the bottom layer of the PWB. Two methods may be used to over come a via stub; Counter Boring, and Blind Vias, in both cases the via is terminated at its destination and not allowed to continue to the other side of the PWB. Read more about Via Stubs.

IC and PCB Vias
Vias on a PCB

Vibration. The oscillation of an element of a mechanical system about a set point.

Video. A signal that drives a cathode-ray tube or some other form of monitor. The demodulated output of a telemetry receiver.

Video Amplifier. An amplifier designed to amplify the entire band of frequencies from 10 hertz (10Hz) to 6 megahertz (6 MHz). Also called a Wide-Band Amplifier, or Video Line Driver. Related; Manufacturers of Video Interface ICs. The normal impedance for a video amplifier is 75 ohms.

Video Enhancement Features. Similar to Anti-Jamming Circuit
[Radar Dictionary].

Vinculum. A straight horizontal line placed over one or more members of a compound logic expression to negate or complement. Also, used to join two or more members together.

Virtual Ground. A point in a circuit that is at ground potential (0 V) but is not connected to ground.

Visible Spectrum. The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be seen. The visible spectrum extends between 0.37um to 0.75um. Refer to the Optical Spectrum Chart

Voice Coil. A coil attached to the speaker cone [diaphragm] of an electromagnetic speaker. Read more on Manufacturers of Speakers, which includes a speaker diagram.

Voice Frequency. The frequency range of the human voice ranging from 32Hz to around 16KHz. Note that telephone lines only transmit voice between 300Hz to 3500Hz.

Voice Over Internet Protocol. [VoIP] A technology for communicating using Internet protocol instead of traditional analog systems. Read more on VoIP.

Volatile memory. A type of memory circuit that does not retain its data after power is removed. Volatile memory are primarily the RAM style memory. Read more on Manufacturers of Volatile Memory ICs.

PC motherboard

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