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Vacuum. An enclosed space which contains no air.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker. A vacuum circuit breaker utilizes a vacuum to extinguish arcing when the circuit breaker is opened and to act as a dielectric to insulate the contacts after the arc is interrupted.

Vacuum Evaporation. A process of producing thin film components.

Vacuum Tube. An electron tube evacuated such that its electrical characteristics are essentially unaffected by the presence of residual gas. [Types of Vacuum Tubes, part of the radar dictionary].
Vacuum Tube Graphic and Vacuum Tube Photo.

Vacuum Tube Graphic picture of El84 vacuum tube

Vane Attenuator. A waveguide component used to provide attenuation.

Vaneaxial Fan. A non-positive displacement mechanical device with guide vanes and having an axial fan impeller inclosed within a tubular housing. It is designed primarily for duct installation to move air or gas axially over a wide range of volumes and pressures.

VAR. Abbreviation for Volt-Amperes Reactive.

Varactor. [Variable Reactor] A PN junction semiconductor, designed for microwave frequencies, in which the capacitance varies with the applied voltage. 'Varicap' or 'VVC', Voltage [dependent] variable capacitor [varies in picofarads]. A diode operated in reverse bias so that the diode behaves like a voltage dependent diode. [Varactor Diode Manufacturers]

Graphic drawing of a Varactor Symbol

Varactor FM Modulator. An FM modulator that uses a voltage-variable capacitor (varactor).

VAR Hour. [VARhour] The reactive power, Volt-Ampere used within an hour; as measured by a VAR Hour meter.

Variable. A representative symbol that can assume any of a given set of values.

Variable Attenuator. An attenuator for reducing the strength of an ac signal either continuously or in steps, without causing signal distortion.

Variable Capacitance Diode. See Varactor.

Variable Capacitor. An adjustable Capacitor. In this example the dielectric is air, other dielectrics are possible and additional package styles. Also refer to the section on Capacitor Definitions. Also refer to the term Varactor.

Variable-MU-Tube. Same term as Remote-Cutoff Tube.

Varmeter.An item which measures the reactive volt-ampere characteristics of an electrical circuit into which it is inserted.

Variable Resistor. A wire-wound or composition resistor, the value of which may be changed over a designed range. Also refer to the section on Resistor Definitions. [Potentiometer Manufacturers]

Board Mount Trimmer or Variable Resistor

Variac. An autotransformer that contains a toroidal winding and a rotating carbon brush so that the output voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to line voltage. A type of transformer used to manually control output voltage.

Graphic drawing of a Varistor Symbol

Varistor. [Variable Resistor] A resistor that changes value with applied voltage. A varistor may also be called a VDR [Voltage Dependent Resistor]. Varistors will have a negative voltage coefficient. What is a Varistor. [Varistor Manufacturers]

Varnished Cambric. Cotton cloth coated with insulation varnish. An insulation used on high-voltage conductors.

VD. Voltage DMOS. In a power supply circuit, voltage supplied by a MOS circuit, measured next to the MOS device.

VDD. In a power supply circuit supplied to a MOS circuit, the voltage supplied to a MOS device but referenced next to the power supply and not next to the DMOS device.

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