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Tee Connectors

Tee Connector. A style of connector shaped like a 'T'. A three port connector. The connectors may be any gender in any combination. A BNC style Tee is shown to the right as MFF, but a Tee connector could be almost any style. An adapter. Reference Manufacturers of Coax Connectors.

Tee Connector photo
BNC T Connector

The BNC Male-Female-Female connector [MFF gender] shown in the picture above or the graphic below is the most common Tee-Connector configuration.

BNC Male to Female/Female [MFF gender]

Tee Connector drawing with dimensions
BNC Tee Connector

The term for the 3-port connector could also be Jack-Plug-Jack.

TNC Male to Female/Female
TNC connectors are smaller than BNC and are screw-lock not twist-lock as BNC. However the series shown are Jamnut connections.

TNC Tee Connector Mil-Prf-55339-50
TNC Tee Connector

TNC Female to Female/Female [FFF gender]

TNC Tee Connector diagram with dimensions
TNC Tee Connector

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Design Hint; Adding a Tee connector and splitting an interface cable may degrade the performance of the interface. A stub may be created if the interface was designed to run from 'A' to 'B' and a Tee is inserted so the cable also runs to 'C'.

NIC Termination
BNC Tee Connector on a Network Interface Card

Military Standards;
MIL-PRF-55339/17; Radio Frequency Coaxial Connector 'T' Adapter Between Series BNC Jack to Jack and Series BNC Plug to Jack

Editor note. A 50 ohm Tee adapter has the same physical dimensions as a 75 ohm Tee adapter.

TNC connectors operate at a higher frequency range than BNC connectors.

A Network Interface Card [NIC] is found on Personal Computers as the Ethernet card, or Ethernet interface.

Although not shown T connectors are also available in the SMA series.

PC motherboard

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