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Rocker Switch. A style of mechanical switch that uses a rocking action to turn the switch on and off. A rocker switch may control one or more circuits. Refer here for a listing of Rocker Switch Manufacturers. A rocker switch may be momentary
Panel Mount Rocker Switch
Rocker Switch

Roofing Filter. A low-pass filter used to reduce unwanted higher frequencies.

Root Mean Square. [RMS] The equivalent heating value of an alternating current or voltage, as compared to a direct current or voltage. The DC equivalent is 0.707 times the peak value of a sine wave.

Root-Raised-Cosine Filter. A type of low-pass filter.

Rotary Cap. A spark gap, similar to a mechanically driven rotary switch, used to discharge a pulse forming network.

Rotary Switch. A multi-contact switch with contacts arranged in a circular or semi-circular manner. As the switch is rotated the contacts are engaged or disengaged. Also see the list of Rotary Switch Manufacturers. A switch actuated by a definite angular rotation of the switch shaft about its axis.

Rotating Field. The magnetic field in a multi-phase ac motor that is the result of field windings being energized by out-of-phase currents. In effect, the magnetic field is made to rotate electrically rather than mechanically. Motor Manufacturers.

Rotating Joint. A joint that permits one section of a transmission line or waveguide to rotate continuously with respect to another while passing energy through the joint. Also called a rotary coupler.

Rotational Latency. The time lapse between a hard drive head reaching the right track, and the hard disk spinning around to the correct sector / block where the data can be read/written by the head.

Rotational Life. The number of revolutions a potentiometer will endure before failure. Expand this definition using the Resistor Dictionary. Although less common; the number of times a rotating switch may be operated before failure [Companies that make Rotary Switches].

Rotations Per Minute. The speed at which an object spins. The speed of a hard disk drive.

Rotor. The revolving part of a rotating electrical machine. The rotor may be either the field or the armature, depending on the design of the machine [Machine Rotor]. The rotating member of a synchro that consists of one or more coils of wire wound on a laminated core. Depending on the type of synchro, the rotor functions similarly to the primary or secondary winding of a transformer. A motor will use either an Armature Rotor or Squirrel Cage Rotor.

Round Conductor. A circular conductor or wire, either solid or stranded wire [multiple wire wrapped into a round conductor]. Not a flat conductor.

Router. In data communications, a functional unit used to interconnect two or more networks.

Routers operate at the network layer (layer 3) of the ISO Open Systems Interconnection. A router reads the network layer address of all packets transmitted by a network, and forwards only those addressed to another network.
Manufacturers of Routers.

WRT300n Router
Wireless Router

RS Flip Flop. See RS Latch.

RS Latch. [Set-Reset Latch] A style of latch where one line sets the latch and the other line resets the latch. Examples include; 74279, 4043, 4044 logic ICs. The SR latch in the graphic uses NAND gates. See also SR NOR gate latch. This type of latch is either called a SR or RS latch, which are used interchangeably.

NAND gate Set-Reset Latch Schematic Diagram
RS Latch

RTD. Resistance Temperature Detector. A device that changes resistance with temperature. Also refer to Thermistor Manufacturers.

Rubidium Clock. A clock containing a quartz oscillator stabilized by a rubidium standard. Sometimes referred to as an Atomic Clock. [Rubidium Oscillator Manufacturers]

Rubidium Standard. A frequency standard in which a specified hyper-fine transition of electrons in rubidium-87 atoms is used to control the output frequency. A rubidium standard consists of a gas cell, which has an inherent long-term instability. This instability relegates the rubidium standard to its status as a secondary standard behind Cesium.

PC motherboard

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