Engineering Dictionary of Electronic Terms
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GFI. See Ground Fault Interrupter. The graphic to the right shows the standard 120 volt wall outlet found in either a bathroom or kitchen. However depending on how the house is wired the outlet may also be found in another room. For example the garage might have a GFI that controls outlets located outside the garage in another room. The dimensions provided by the outlet graphic should be the common ones, but there may be other sizes available.

Ghost-Image. A double image. See After-Image.

gigahertz. [GHz] 1 x 109. Refer to SI Terms.

Gimbal. A mechanical frame, with two perpendicular intersecting axes of rotation, used to support and furnish a gyro wheel with the necessary freedom to tilt in any direction.

Glitch. An unintended short duration pulse. A random signal with a pulse duration that is much shorter than a clock pulse [as in glitch detection on a logic analyzer].

Global Positioning System. [GPS] A US satellite system that lets those on the ground, on the water or in the air determine their position using GPS receivers.

Glow Discharge. Discharge of electricity through a gas in an electron tube. Also refer to gas filled tube.

Glow Lamp. A lamp that uses the glow discharge effect as a light source.

Gray Code. A positional binary number notation in which any two numbers whose difference is one is represented by expressions that are the same except in one place. Refer to the Gray Code listing for more information.

Gramme-Ring Armature. An obsolete and inefficient type of armature winding in which many of the turns are shielded from the field by its own iron ring.

Graticule. A calibrated scale used on the screen of an oscilloscope, normally made of clear plastic.

Grid. An electrode with some number of openings that allow electrons to pass.

Grid Bias. A constant fixed potential applied between the grid and the cathode of a vacuum tube to establish an operating point.

Grid Current. The current that flows in the grid-to-cathode circuit of a vacuum tube.

Grid-Gap Tuning. A method of changing the center frequency of a resonant cavity by physically changing the distance between the cavity grids.

Grid-Leak Bias. A self-bias provided by a high resistance connected across the grid capacitor or between the grid and cathode.

Grommet. An insulator that covers sharp edges of holes through panels and partitions to protect wire insulation from cut-through damage. A grommet is basically a rubber tube of limited length. So the out-side diameter needs to be selected to fit the chassis hole and the inner diameter needs to be sized to accept the cable running through it. The chassis cut-out should be centered on a common grommet size. A rubber or plastic insulating washer placed in a chassis or panel wall to prevent a wire passing through the center of the grommet from coming in contact with the metal wall. The grommet prevents the wire from being cut by the metal and may also offer some Strain Relief.

Grommet, Connector. An elastomeric seal used on the cable side of a connector body to seal the connector against contamination and to provide stress relief.

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