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Factor. Any of the elements, quantities, or symbols that, when multiplied together, form a product.

Fading. In a received signal, the variation (with time) of the amplitude or relative phase, or both, of one or more of the frequency components of the signal.

Failure. The inability of a component or system to perform its required function.

Failure Rate. The amount of units failing per unit time, or over the units life. Failure rate over time is divided into three general time periods; early failures [infant mortality], normal usage over time having a constant failure rate, and an end-of-life wear-out failure period. Failure rates are higher during both the early life and wear-out periods and much lower and consistent during the devices useful life. One method of reducing early failures is by a Burn In test.

Failsafe. Built-in safety characteristics of a unit or system so that unit or system failure or a loss of control power will not result in an unsafe condition. The design feature of a part, unit or equipment which allows the item to fail only into a non-hazardous mode. Of a device, the capability to fail without detriment to other devices or danger to personnel. If a component were to fail, it will fail in a safe condition.

False Clock. A condition where a phase-locked loop controlling a clock locks on a frequency other than the correct frequency.

False Lock. A condition where a phase-locked loop locks to a frequency other than the correct one, or to an improper phase.

Fall Time. The time required for the amplitude of a pulse to decrease (fall) from a specified value (usually 90 percent of the peak value exclusive of overshoot or under-shoot) to another specified value (usually 10 percent of the peak value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot).

Fan. A component designed to move air. A set of axial fans are shown to the right, plastic box type. Fan Manufacturers. Fans may be operated of either AC or DC voltage, each has its own befits or pitfalls. Fans normally have just two leads [power and ground] but PC fans may have three or four leads, to monitor or control the speed of the fan.

Fanout. The number of IC gates an Integrated circuit can drive is determined by the current it can source and sink. Expanded FanOut definition.

Farad. The basic unit of capacitance. A capacitor has a capacitance of 1 farad when a voltage potential of 1 volt across it produces a charge of 1 coulomb. [Dictionary of Capacitor Terms]

Faraday Cage. A enclosure composed of a conducting material that shields the contents of the cage from electric fields and electromagnetic radiation. Although the amount of electromagnetic interference that is blocked depends not only on the frequency of the EMI but the spacing of the mesh used as the cage. A solid metal cage blocks all EMI regardless of the frequency.

Faraday Constant. The magnitude of electric charge per mole of electrons; 96,485.3365 C mol-1.

Faraday Rotation. The rotation of the plane of polarization of electromagnetic energy when it passes a substance influenced by a magnetic field that has a component in the direction of propagation.

Faraday Shield. A common conductor connection at one end to provide electrostatic shielding without effecting electromagnetic waves. The common point connection is normally grounded, while the other side of the conductor is left un-connected. An example Graphic of Faraday Shielding

Far-end Crosstalk. Crosstalk that is propagated in a disturbed channel in the same direction as the propagation of a signal in the disturbing channel.

Fast Bus. IEEE Std 960-1993, FastBus defined the Mechanical, Electrical, and Protocol for a board-to-backplane interface. This interface is obsolete.

Fast Recovery Diode. A diode that can switch between forward and reverse bias is a relativly small amount of time, compared to other diode types. The 1N5615 represents a fast recovery diode. Also refer to additional Terms used to describe Diodes.

Fast Time-Constant Circuit. Differentiator circuit in the first video amplifier that allows only the leading edges of target returns, no matter how small or large, to be used.

Fault. An accidental condition that causes a functional unit to fail to perform its required function. A defect that causes a reproducible or catastrophic malfunction.

Fault Current. Any current that is not in its intended path. A current that flows as a result of a fault.

Fault Indicator. A component or device that indicates a failure or defect in the equipment being monitored either by audio or visual indication.

Mechanical Fault Indicator
Fault Indicator

Fault Tolerance. The extent to which a functional unit focused at infinity, the far-field region is sometimes will continue to operate at a defined performance level even though one or more of its components are malfunctioning.

FDDI. Fiber Distributed Data Interface is a Local Area Network [LAN] using Fiber-Optic cable in a Dual Token Ring topology. FDDI is defined in ISO 9314-1/2/3.

Feedback. The return of a portion of the output, or processed portion of the output, of a (usually active) device to the input. The feedback may be in phase with the input signal [positive feedback], or out of phase with the input signal [negative feedback].

Feed-forward. A signal that is passed from the origin of a circuit to another portion of the circuit.

Feed-Through Capacitor. A bulk-head mount filter used to pass signals into an enclosure. The most common filter element is a shunt capacitor. Read more on Feed-Thru Capacitors showing different styles.

Feed-Thru Terminal. A terminal that feeds through a front panel, metal plate or some other barrier so that there is a terminal accessible on either side of a panel. A terminal designed to be mounted on a chassis or other partition, and having through connected wire mounting facilities. It may or may not be insulated. It is fabricated into a single item whose parts are not separable.

Female Contact. A contact that accepts a mating contact by having it inserted within the contact.

FEP. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, A synthetic type of insulation.

Ferrite. A powdered and compressed ferric oxide material that has both magnetic properties and light resistance to current flow.

Ferrite Bead. A surface mount choke used as a low pass filter used to suppress noise..

Ferrite Switch. A ferrite device that blocks the flow of energy through a waveguide by rotating the electric field 90 degrees. The rotated energy is then reflected or absorbed.

Ferromagnetic Material. A highly magnetic material, such as iron, cobalt, nickel, or their alloys.

Ferrule. A short metal tube used to make crimp connections to shielded or coaxial cables. The cylindrical metallic ends of a cartridge fuse or wire. Definition of a Ferrule and Manufacturers of Ferrules

FET. A semiconductor device. See Field Effect Transistor.

Fiber Channel. An interface using fiber as the net. Read more on Fiber Channel

Fiber Optic Cable. A fiber, multiple fiber or fiber bundle in a cable structure fabricated to meet optical mechanical and environmental specifications.

Fiber Optic Connector. A fiber optic component normally assembled onto a cable and attached to a piece of apparatus for the purpose of providing interconnecting/disconnecting of fiber optic cables.

Fiber Optics. Conductors or optical wave-guides that readily pass light. Fiber Optic Connector Manufacturers. Also refer to Fiber Optic Connector, or Fiber Optic Cable. The graphic shows a Fiber Optic cable cut-away.

Fiber Optic Link. A communications link that transmits signals by means of modulated light propagated in an optical fiber.

Fibrous Braid. An outer covering used to protect a conductors insulating material. Commonly made from cotton, linen, silk, rayon, or fiberglass. Cable braid is also made off metal and used as a conductor shield or signal conductor. Also refer to Cable Armor.

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